Blogging Buddies

I recently read the term Blogging Buddies, and  I don’t know what that means! I wonder if  there is a formal definition somewhere.  Anyway, I will share an event that could perhaps fall into the category of being a Blogging Buddy bonding experience:

A friend and I met at her home so that she could see what WordPress is http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/WordPress, what blogs are http://tinyurl.com/242txux, what themes are http://wordpress.org/extend/themes/, to learn what a dashboard does, etc.

She set up a blog and we interacted with comments between our blogs, adding images,  writing and editing and up-dating posts, and so forth.We had a great time! We have agreed to meet again soon to continue our blog party. I think that those who hang out together for the purpose of learning more about blogging can be called Blogging Buddies,don’t you?