I’d Rather Be Reading – a book review

Friends, I’d Rather Be Reading: The Delights and Dilemmas of the Reading Life is a visually beautiful book which is actually a  thoughtful and endearing memoir as negotiated

I'd RAther Be Reading

through the eyes of one who is completely in love with books. Author Anne Bogel, who has a  terrific website called Modern Mrs. Darcy https://modernmrsdarcy.com/ and who gives us the thoroughly convivial podcast “What Should I Read Next?” which you can find on the website, has written a book that is irresistible to book enthusiasts. It is 100% book-nip. So fun to read, the first chapter, “Confess Your Literary Sins” siphons you directly into its pages by revealing the reading indiscretions of bookworms both professional and amateur. Very, very funny.

Another excellent chapter is “Keep Reading,” about the acknowledgments which are at the end of most books and which many (most?) readers skip.

In the chapter “The Books Next Door,” Bogle describes what it meant to her and her very young family to live adjacent to a library. Anne described their deep attachment to the library, its people, books, and services with so much heart that if I ever move again I am going to make it a requirement to be walking distance from a library.

There is so much to enjoy about “I’d Rather Be Reading,” but what I appreciate most is that, in some C.S. Lewis-ian way, it gives us bibliophiles who are a little shy about our life-long obsession, permission to admit that we are incurably smitten with books.